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Why switch to Brave?

Many websites use ads and trackers for income. These ads and trackers collect information about your interests online. Apart from the fact that you have lost your privacy, it causes the websites to load slower. Benefits of Brave:

  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • Prevents malware
  • Protects your privacy
  • Surf the Internet faster

This is similar to advertising, what's the catch?

There are costs associated with every website, including this website: domain name and hosting is approximately € 70 per year. In addition, there are still costs for maintenance. To cover these costs you can choose to show advertisements on your website. But the one who earns the most from that is Google: Advertisers pay Google> Google pays a little bit of a wimp for placing those ads. Only with many thousands of visitors would the costs be covered. In addition and much more important I think that advertisements affect the layout, readability and speed of this website.

The blockchain, better known from Bitcoin, makes it possible to sideline the “middle man” (in this case Google). Visitors can pay websites directly and automatically with Brave for the information it provides while Brave blocks ads and trackers. Of course you decide to which websites you want to donate and what not. This feature is in beta phase and is turned off by default.

Try Brave for at least a month and in return I receive a small bonus of € 5 from Brave. It costs you nothing!