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This year and perhaps much of next year will be dominated by COVID-19. Everywhere there is a partial lockdown for a long and different period. And if we are allowed to move freely again, it is often limited in numbers of people. In this situation it is therefore almost impossible to play with each other in a match in the usual way. Still…

In 2005, Eero Tarik and I organized the World Interclub League together: a worldwide interclub competition that allowed the teams to play on their own home course and compare scores with their opponents internationally. It was a big success.

This year, following the example of the World Interclub League, I am organizing the World Wide Corona Competition Pitch & Putt, or The Internet Open for short.


The player plays a round on his homecourse or any other course and enters the score on this site himself. There is no limit to the number of rounds you play and enter. I would just like to encourage everyone to play and enter at least one round per day. Because, in addition to fun, exercise and fresh air are essential in these times.


Any player can register and participate in The Internet Open. Participation is free.


A total of 10 rankings are kept:

 Categories (5) Scores (2) 
 General Gross 
Gents Net

Every week a ranking is made of the best scores per player and ranking points are distributed. The number of ranking points you can get depends on the place and the number of participants in that week.


 5 players   10 players
 Rank Points  Rank  Points 
 1 5 1  10
 2 4 2  9
 3  ..  ..
 4 2 9  2
5 1 10 1

Everyone automatically plays in the general classification. It is therefore possible that you get more or less ranking points in the general classification than in the classification of your own category.


Although seriously intended, this is mainly a fun competition and besides the pleasure of playing, we compete for the honor!


You play according to the rules applicable to the course at the time of play. Think of FIPPA / IPPA rules and local rules. As in other competitions, you are responsible for complying with those rules. We rely on your sportsmanship.

Exception or addition to those rules are:

  • A marker does not need to confirm your scorecard
  • Your handicap is calculated on the average score and not according to stableford
  • The competition will run from November 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021

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